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In this article we will see about course introduction, and will see what we are going to learn in this course.

Who should Attend this Course?

This course is intended for those who wish to learn about the basics of Microsoft Azure storage.

Course objective

Ø  Introduction to Azure Storage

Ø  Core storage services in Azure & different storage account types

Ø  How to create a storage account in Microsoft Azure

Ø  Blob storage, Azure Files

Ø  Azure Queues & Azure Tables

Ø  Azure Disk


  1. Introductionto Azure Storage
  2. AzureStorage data services
  3. Storage account types in Azure
  4. Demonstration on creating Storage account on azure portal
  5. Introductionto Blob storage
  6. Demonstration on creating Azure Blob Storage Account on Azure portal
  7. Introductionto Azure files storage
  8. Demonstration on creating File Storage Account on Azure portal
  9. Introductionto Azure Queues
  10. Demonstration on creating Azure Queue Storage Account on Azure portal
  11. Introductionto Azure Table storage
  12. Demonstration on creating  Azure Table Storage Account on Azure portal
  13. Introductionto Azure managed disks

You can learn it from below Video

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