Most important problem-solving Algorithms in C#


According to the world of coding and computers, Algorithms are sets of instructions that assist us to resolve a problem within a definite or finite number of steps.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Algorithms?

Advantages Of Algorithm

  • This is a step-by-step presentation of a solution to a given problem
  • Algorithms follow a definite process
  • The algorithm is easy to understand without programming knowledge because it isn't dependent on any programming language.
  • It is easy to debug algorithms since they have logical reasons for each step.
  • The algorithm divides the problem into smaller ones so that each can be solved easily.

Disadvantages Of Algorithm

  • Algorithms take a lot of time
  • Problems cannot be reduced to algorithms, which makes them difficult
  • In the Algorithm, it is difficult to show loops and branches

  1. Brute-Force Algorithm with example in  C#
  2. Knapsack Problem with example in C#
  3. Bellman–Ford Algorithm with example in C#
  4. Floyd–Warshall Algorithm with example in C#
  5. Dijkstra Algorithm for Determining the Shortest Path in C#
  6. Breadth First Search (BFS) using Queue in C#
  7. Depth First Seach (DFS) using List in C#
  8. Huffman coding using Dictionary in C#
  9. Coin change problem : Greedy algorithm in C#
  10. Towers of Hanoi in C#
  11. Find total ways to reach the n’th stair from the bottom in C#
  12. Find the Longest Common Prefix in C#
  13. Job Sequencing Problem in C#

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