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Angular v13 is now Available | Whats New in Angular 13

 Angular v13 is now Available | Whats New in Angular 13


What’s new in Angular v13!

So after 6 months of major release of angular 12 , here we are with new version of angular 13 , which has some exiting feature , Let’s take a look at some of the features and changes released in this new version. 

In short if we understand the new feature ,so here we are 

1.     View Engine is no longer available in Angular as of v13.

2.   Angular can continue to create Ivy-based feature  that bolster your productivity with the platform.

3.    The Angular Package Format (APF) has been streamlined and modernized to better serve developers.

4.   End of IE11 support

5.    Improvements to the Angular CLI

6.   RxJS 7.4 is now the default for apps created with ng new.

7.    Now support for TypeScript 4.4.

8.   Made important changes to the docs on to give developers more insights into localization ΑΡΙ


Get Angular v13 now by running ng update in your project. We also have an update guide available at to help teams get instructions on how to update their projects.

 As per

Changes and deprecations in version 13

For information about the deprecation and removal practices of Angular, see Angular Release Practices.

·         Removal of View Engine

Requires all applications and libraries to build using Ivy. See the Upcoming improvements to Angular library distribution blog.

·         Modernization of the Angular Package Format (APF)

Removed older output formats, including View Engine specific metadata.

·         Removal of IE11 Support

Removes all support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). See Issue #41840.

·         Testbed module teardown

Adds the option in initTestEnvironment to completely remove test environments from an application. See the Improving Angular tests by enabling Angular testing module teardown article.

·         $localize tagged message strings

Adds documentation for the Angular $localize API and tagged message strings.

·         Disk Cache

Enables the persistent build cache by default for all applications. See Issue #21545.


What is Angular Architecture

Following is the Design for Angular architecture

v   There are main 8 blocks of Angular application.
v   Module
v   Component
v   Metadata
v   Template
v   Data Binding
v   Service
v   Directive
v   Dependency Injection
v  A Angular application is a set of NgModules and it has at least a root module.
v  In angular application NgModule contain following properties
v 1. Declarations – it is used to declare Components
v 2. Imports – It is used to declare Modules.
v 3. Providers – It is used to declare the services.
v Bootstrap –This is a rootAppComponent , the angular creates and inserts into the index.html host web page.