What is Blazor and Setup for Blazor

Blazor Introduction
1.   In current days we create a web application using server-side as well as client-side programming knowledge.
2.   For server-side development, we use language like, C#, PHP, Java, etc, and for the client-side development, we use language like, Angular, react, etc, so for making a successful web application we have to learn both sides programming languages.
3.   To overcome this problem Blazor came in the market , where write C# on the server-side as well as client-side hence it is a more interesting aspect of development.
4.   Blazor is developed by the Microsoft, and it’s a framework for creating a client-side web user interface using a dot net.
5.   Blazor comes at top of asp.net core and it has all the new features of web development.
6.   Blazor doesn’t need any plug-in unlike flash and silver light, it works on all the browsers.        

How browser understand C# and execute the code
1.   As we know browser understand only JavaScript, then how browser execute C# code in the browser and the answer is with using WebAssembly.
2.   Basically, we can run any type of code with using Web Assembly, similar way Blazor can run C# code on the browser using Web Assembly, and executing code with web Assembly is secure like other client-side application.
Setup for Blazor development
For developing a Blazor application we need the following things to install in our machine.

1. Dot net core SDK 3.1 or later
    Url to download:- https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/
 2. Visual studio 2019
       Visual studio code
       Dot net core CLI
Following is the command For checking the version.
                     dotnet --list-sdks
For creating a Blazor application we should have knowledge on the following languages

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