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     When we create our blazor application using visual studio 2019 then we don’t see blazor WebAssembly App template because it is still in under preview, but still we can install it by using the following command. We can execute this command either from the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio or from the command prompt.Following is the Google link to see the latest version of Blazor web assembly
E    execute the following command to install the Blazor WebAssembly App template
WebAssembly hosting model benefits

The Blazor WebAssembly hosting model offers several benefits:
Ø  There's no .NET server-side dependency means server connection not required.
Ø  Client resources and capabilities are used.
Ø  Workload is from the server to the client.
Ø  For hosting the application we don’t need any host app even we can host on our host(for example, serving the app from azure or a CDN).
There are downsides to Blazor WebAssembly hosting:
Ø  The app is restricted to the capabilities of the browser.
Ø  Capable client hardware and software (for example, WebAssembly support) is required.
Ø  Download size is larger, and the very 1st request apps take longer time to load.

Blazor Server hosting model benefits :

The Blazor Server hosting model offers several benefits:
Ø  Download size is smaller than a Blazor WebAssembly the app, and the application loads much faster.
Ø  The app takes full advantage of server capabilities.
Ø  .NET Core on the server is used to run the app, so existing .NET tooling, such as debugging, works as expected.
Ø  Blazor Server apps work with browsers that don't support WebAssembly. There are downsides to Blazor Server hosting:
Ø  Higher latency usually exists because of the roundtrip of server.
Ø  There's no offline support. If the client connection fails, the app stops working.
Ø  Scalability is challenging for apps with many users.
Ø  An ASP.NET Core server is required to serve the app.

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