Angular 8 -installation requirements and Setup Development Environment

Setup : Development environment

Following Environment should be installed on the system before start working on Angular 8
v  Node.Js : Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform javascript run time environment.
         Go to –

v  Npm: npm is a node.js package manager for JavaScript , it is automatically installed when we install Node.js.

v  Typescript : Go to Node.js command prompt  and install Typescript using command Command:- npm install  -g Typescript

v   Angular CLI (command line interface ) – It is a tool which allows us to create a project using the command line argument
                Command :- npm install –g @angular/cli

Useful command for angular 8

v  Node Version :- Node -v
v  NPM version :- npm -v
v  Angular Version :- ng –v
       Note:-  if ng –v doesn't work then use ng v

v  Install Typescript :- npm install -g Typescript
v  Install Angular CLI:- npm install –g angular/CLI
        Note:- instead of CLI we can use version number as well

v  Create Angular application:- ng new projectname
v  Compile angular application: ng serve
v  Compile and run the angular application: ng serve o

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