Count number of words in a string in C#


Count number of words in a string in C#

In this article we will find how to count the number of the word in a string.

        public static void numberofwordsinstring()


            Console.Write("Enter the string : ");

            string inputString = Console.ReadLine();

            int result = 0;


            //Trim whitespace from beginning and end of string

            inputString = inputString.Trim();


            //Necessary because foreach will execute once with empty string returning 1

            if (inputString == "")



            //Ensure there is only one space between each word in the passed string

            while (inputString.Contains("  "))

                inputString = inputString.Replace("  ", " ");


            //Count the words

            foreach (string y in inputString.Split(' '))



            Console.WriteLine("Number of words is : " +result);




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