OpenAI Anounced a new GPT-4o AI model | What is GPT-4o AI Model

On 13 May 2024, OpenAI announced a new AI model called GPT-4o; it is the updated model of GPT-4, which was almost launched 1 year before.

What it is

  • GPT-4o is a recent advancement in large language models by OpenAI.
  • It builds on the capabilities of its predecessor, GPT-4, by incorporating multimodal understanding.
  • This means it can process and respond to information across different formats: text, code, and video (images for now). 

Key features of GPT-4o

  • Multimodal capabilities: Highlight that GPT-4o isn't restricted to text. It can understand and respond to prompts that include images and video.
    for example, a user uploading a video of their code and GPT-4o explaining what the code does and how to errors if code has.
  • Efficiency: Briefly mention that GPT-4o is faster and more cost-effective than its predecessors.

Interactive Design Assistant

Imagine a designer working on a website. They could upload a sketch of their layout and ask GPT-4o to:

  • Generate code: GPT-4o could analyze the sketch and create the corresponding HTML and CSS code to bring the design to life.
  • Suggest improvements: Based on design principles and user experience best practices, GPT-4o could recommend changes to the layout or color scheme.

Real-time Accessibility Checks

A streamer or video creator uploads their latest video. GPT-4o analyzes the video and:

  • Generates captions: It creates accurate captions for the video, making it accessible to deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers.
  • Identifies visual elements: It can highlight objects or scenes in the video and describe them with text, aiding visually impaired viewers.

Educational Assistant with Multimodal Learning

A student is studying a complex biological concept. They can provide GPT-4o with a text description and:

  • GPT-4o generates a relevant image: It might create a 3D model of the biological structure the student is studying.
  • It can point to videos or simulations: These can help the student visualize the concept in action. Enhanced Customer Service Chatbots:

A customer is having trouble with their online order. They can describe the issue through text chat, and GPT-4o can:

  • Analyze the customer's message: It understands the sentiment and identifies the specific problem.
  • Offer solutions: It can suggest troubleshooting steps or connect the customer with the appropriate support agent.
  • If an image is included: For example, a picture of a damaged product, GPT-4o can use that information to expedite the resolution process.

These are just a few examples, and the possibilities are vast. As GPT-4o continues to develop, we can expect even more innovative real-time applications to emerge. 

Focus on Applications

  • Engaging Content Creation: This model's ability to understand different formats can be a boon for content creators.
    • They can use GPT-4o to generate content that combines text, images, and even video elements.
  • Enhanced User Experience: For applications like chatbots or virtual assistants, GPT-4o's multimodal capabilities can provide a more natural and interactive experience.
    • Users can provide information through text, images, or speech, and GPT-4o can understand and respond accordingly.
  • Improved Code Analysis: Briefly mention its potential in assisting programmers, like the example from the YouTube video where GPT-4o analyses code.

Note. it's still under development, and public access is limited




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