New features coming in .NET9 | Vision for .NET 9

 After the successful release of.NET8 Microsoft has already released the first preview of .NET 9 and provided a vision for its development, so here is the list.


·         Cloud-native development: Enhancing support for Kubernetes, managed database and caching services (like Redis), and streamlining deployment processes.

·         Intelligent app development: Deeper integration with AI capabilities, including access to OpenAI and OSS models through libraries and documentation.

·         Productivity enhancements: New features in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code via .NET Aspire to improve developer experience.

·         Performance and security: Ongoing investments in optimizing performance and ensuring robust security measures.

Additional details:

·         Preview stage: Currently, .NET 9 is in its Preview stage with features being iteratively developed and added. You can download the preview and explore the roadmap on the official website and GitHub repository.

·         Release date: The final release is expected in November 2024 at .NET Conf.

·         Focus areas: Microsoft has outlined specific areas in each category mentioned above, such as DATAS GC improvements for ASP.NET Core applications. You can find detailed information in their blog post and other resources.



I hope this provides a comprehensive overview of the vision for .NET 9!



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