Top Microsoft NuGet Packages in 2023

Here are some of the popular NuGet packages that have been frequently used by developers.

1.    Newtonsoft.Json: This is a popular package for working with JSON data in .NET applications. It provides a simple and efficient API for parsing and serializing JSON data.

2.    Entity Framework Core: This is a lightweight and extensible ORM (object-relational mapper) that simplifies database access in .NET applications.

3.    AutoMapper: This package helps to simplify object-to-object mapping in .NET applications, reducing the amount of boilerplate code needed for mapping between different objects.

4.    Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection: This package provides a lightweight dependency injection framework for .NET applications. It simplifies the process of registering and resolving dependencies in your application.

5.    Serilog: This is a popular logging framework for .NET applications that supports structured logging, making it easy to search and analyze log data.

6.    Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc: This is a package that provides a lightweight and flexible framework for building web applications using ASP.NET Core.

7.    Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer: This package provides support for using SQL Server with Entity Framework Core, making it easy to work with SQL Server databases in your .NET application.

8.    Dapper: This is a popular micro-ORM (object-relational mapper) for .NET that provides a fast and efficient way to access data from a database.

9.    Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Core: This package provides a framework for building RESTful APIs using ASP.NET, making it easy to build scalable and maintainable web services.

10. Microsoft.Extensions.Logging: This package provides a logging abstraction for .NET applications, making it easy to switch between different logging providers and configure logging behavior.

11. Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory: it is a NuGet package that provides an in-memory caching implementation for .NET applications. It is part of the Microsoft.Extensions.Caching namespace, which also includes other caching implementations like Redis and SQL Server.

12. FluentValidation.AspNetCore:- FluentValidation validation helps us validate our model when working with DotNet Core 7.0 application. To utilize the functionality of FluentValidation, we need to install the FluentValidation library from the NuGet package manager. FluentValidation uses the fluent API and the lambda expression to create the data validation rules for a model. Below is the command to install the FluentValidation package

There are many other Microsoft NuGet Packages as well, which are used in real programming also.

Above are a couple of packages that mostly we use in programming, let us know your thought on it if any important package is missing here.


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