Learn multithreading and asynchronous programming and parallel programming in C# and .Net

 In this course, we will cover the below topics

•Multithreading from basic to advance level •Asynchronous Programming in C# •how to write asynchronous programming using Task •Parallel Programming • Parallel For /Foreach in C# •Parallel Invoke in C# •Parallel Linq in C#
Prerequisite •Visual studio should install on system 2013 or higher version •Basic knowledge of C# programming •Willing to learn new things What You will get from this Course •Source code will be available as per the topic we cover. •Confident on multithreading,asynchronous, and parallel programming

Multithreading  in C#

  1. MultiThreading introduction in C# | Video
  2. What is multiTasking | Video

  3. Threading in C# | Video

  4. Thread Class in C# | Video

  5. Life Cycle of a thread in C# | Video

  6. Drawbacks of Single-Threaded Applications | Video

  7. Implement multithreading in C# | Video

  8. Constructors of Thread class in C# | Video

  9. ParameterizedThreadStart delegate in C# | Video

  10. Passing data to the Thread function in a type safe manner in C# | Video

  11. Retrieving data from Thread function using callback method | Video

  12. Thread.Join and Thread.IsAlive functions of thread class | Video

  13. Protecting shared resources from concurrent access in multithreading by locking in C# | Video

  14. Protecting shared resources from concurrent access in multithreading by monitor in C# | Video

  15. Difference between Locking and Monitor in Multithreading | Video

  16. Monitor pulse, wait and pulseAll Method in multithreading in C# | Video

  17.  ManualResetEvent in Multithreading in C# | Video

  18. AutoResetEvent in multithreading in C# | Video

  19.  Mutex in multithreading in C#  | Video

  20.  Semaphore in multithreading in C# | Video

  21. Deadlock in multithreading in C# | Video

  22. Resolve Deadlock in multithreading in C# | Video

  23. Thread Pool in C# | Video

  24.  Performance testing using and without using Thread Pool in C# | Video

  25. Performance Testing of a Multithreaded Application in C# | | Video

Asynchronous Programming in C#

  1. Asynchronous programming Introduction in C# | Video

  2. Synchronous Programming With C# | Video

  3. Solution to the Synchronous Problem With C# | Video

  4. Asynchronous Programming Patterns in .Net |  Video

  5. Asynchronous Programming Model Pattern in .Net | Video
  6. Event Based Asynchronous Programming Patterns in .Net | Video

  7. Task based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP) in .Net | Video

  8. Thread Vs Task in C# | Video

  9. Creating a task object using Factory Property in C# | Video

  10.  Creating a Task object using the Run method in C# | Video

  11. Task using Wait in C# | Video

  12. Task Return Value in C# | Video

  13.  Returning Complex Type Value From a task in C# | Video

  14. Chaining Tasks by Using Continuation Tasks in C# |

  15. Create a continuation for multiple antecedents in C# | Video

  16. Different overloaded Continuation Tasks in C# |

  17. Async Await In C# | Video

  18. Return Type of Asynchronous Method In C# | Video
  19.  Exception Handling in C# Asynchronous Programming | Video

  20.  When To Use Task And Async Await in C# | Video

Parallel Programming in C#

  1. Parallel Programming introduction in C# | Video 

  2. Parallel Programming in C# | Video

  3. Task Parallel Library in C#? | Video

  4. Parallel For in C# with Examples | Video

  5. ParallelOptions class in C# | Video

  6. Terminating a Parallel Loop | Video

  7.  Parallel ForEach Loop in C# | Video

  8. Parallel Invoke in C# with Examples | Video

  9. PLINQ in C# | Video


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