Part 4- Type Of Linked List | Linked List Tutorials in C#

Types of Linked List

The types of linked list are mentioned below:

Singly Linked List: Item traversed only in forward direction.

Doubly Linked List: Item traversed in forward and backward directions.

Circular Singly Linked List: Last element contains link to the first element as next.

Singly Linked List:

Singly linked lists contain nodes which have a data part as well as an address part(pointer) i.e. next, which points to the next node in the sequence of nodes.

The operations we can perform on singly linked lists are insertion, deletion and traversal.

Doubly Linked List:

In a doubly linked list, each node contains a data part and two addresses, one for the previous node and one for the next node.

Circular Singly Linked List :

In circular linked list the last node of the list holds the address of the first node hence forming a circular chain.

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