What is Asp.Net

Asp.net is a web application which is developed by the Microsoft to build the dynamic data driven Web application and Web services.
1.   Asp.Net is abbreviated as “Active Server Pages”.
2.   Asp.net is the subset of Dot net framework. A framework is a collection of classes.
3.   Asp.Net is introduced in 2002 with the 2.0 Dot net framework.
4.   Before this technology we was using “Classic Asp” to build web application.
What is Web Application?
A web application is a application which is assessable by the user using the browser.
Example of the web browsers are
1.   Internet Explorer
2.   Google Chrome
3.    Mozilla FireFox
4.    Apple Safari
5.    Netscape Navigator
Advantages of the web application :>
1.   Web application just need to installed on the web server, but for the windows application we have to installed this on every system.
2.   Maintains and other things are easier to provide.
3.   Only a browser is required for accessing a web application on the client machine.
4.   Cross platform.
5.   Internet is required for accessing the application.

How Web application work
1.   A web application work on the Client/Server architecture .
2.   Only a browser needed which can understand HTML for accessing a web application.
3.   On the server side , the web application run under the “Internet Information Server(IIS)”.

When a client enter URL or user send a request through the browser then this information is received by the web server , after that this request is proceed by the application. The application converts it to HTML and passes it to IIS Server. The IIS Server send this HTML to the client in user interface format.
This all communication is done on the internet using the HTTP. HTTP is the Hyper Text Transfer protocol.
This HTTP protocols stand how to  two  or more items communicate.

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